Why Tobago

Discover Tobago: Safe communities, pristine beaches, lush rainforests, vibrant culture. Strategically located below the hurricane belt, offering a welcoming environment for foreign investment. Uncover this untapped gem now.

Low Business Costs

Ideal Location

Investment Climate

Access to Global Markets

People and Diverse Culture

Government Incentives to Investors

Unmatched Opportunities

Investment Deck


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Our Focus

Priority Sectors

Tourism and Hospitality Sector

Tobago is actively seeking visionary investors to partake in crafting unparalleled destinations that capture the essence of Tobago’s pristine beaches, rich culture, and flourishing ecotourism.

Renewable Energy, Conservation and Restoration

Tobago’s eco-lush environment seamlessly aligns with sustainable investments in cutting-edge energy sectors, encompassing solar, wind, and ocean power.

Infrastructure and Real Estate Development

Tobago is seeking sustainable real estate and infrastructural development that prioritize environmentally friendly practices, such as green building design, energy efficiency, renewable energy integration, and eco-friendly transportation solutions.

Scarborough Redevelopment Project

A ground-breaking endeavour aimed at redefining the capital of Scarborough into a dynamic, modern urban centre.

THA seeks to explore private sector investments via Public Private Partnership arrangements.

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